Market leader in water storage

In the past decade, NPI has grown to become an international market leader in water storage systems. We have used our technical expertise to become a specialist in lining basins and modular metal water tanks.

Water storage tanks

Ensuring the availability of safe and clean drinking water is an increasingly important global issue. As such, it is no coincidence that our tanks have grown enormously in popularity in recent years. This tank type is multifunctional and has several important benefits. These include the storage of large volumes of water, simple installation and efficient transport. Our tanks are made to measure and can be manufactured and finished in various ways, with various optional extras. Read more about our modular metal tanksĀ here.

Excavated basins

As one of the longest-established film processors, our films have successfully been applied as liners for excavated basins across the globe. There are many applications for excavated water basins, from agriculture and horticulture to civil engineering projects, environmental and leisure projects. Read more about excavated basins and their advantages.

Interested in contributing to our solutions?

NPI supplies local markets across the globe via an extensive dealer network. Our dealers are based in more than 60 countries worldwide, which means we are never far away. NPI continues to expand this network, which means we are always looking for potential new partners. We support our dealer network with our service, knowledge and expertise. We do so by offering training courses, both on location and at the NPI.