Safe and reliable water for your livestock and poultry

Feed water

Livestock producers need a safe, reliable supply of good quality water for their livestock. It is cheaper to have livestock drink rainwater or pumped water than to use the public water supply. This however requires a cost-effective way of storing the water. Our metal water storage silos have proved to be a good solution for different customers.

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Low maintenance and a long lifetime

NPI tanks provide high quality and durable water storage. We have the necessary certifications that allow water to be stored safely for livestock. In addition to security, the focus is on saving on costs and efficiency. This efficiency makes sure our customers don’t have to be concerned with their water storage system and can focus on farming and their livestock. And even more important: our customers benefit from low maintenance (costs) and a water tank with a long lifetime.

Meeting your demands

Farms and lifestock vary in sizes, which means that customer needs also vary. Whether you want to store water for a small group of cows or thousands of chickens, NPI has a made to measure solution. We offer a wide range of capacities and diameters, with capacities up to 2500 m³ as a standard. Moreover, our tanks can be manufactured and finished in various ways with various optional extras. Meeting the specific demands of any customer.

Storage of drinking water

For all sort of farms it is indispensable to have access to clean and good quality drinking water for livestock. It needs to be fresh, clean and free of bacteria and contaminants. With our 65 years of experience – and 150 years of hands with experience all together – we have a deep understanding of the livestock water market. We are aware of the quality requirements and we ensure our solutions meet even the highest requirements. As such, our most used lining material, ENPEX FPP tank, is suitable for contact with drinking water. The quality ensures the liner doesn’t leave a taste to the water, keeping your water fresh and clean.

Cover your water

A large share in keeping your water fresh and clean is the cover of the tank. Especially for drinking water and other liquids that require protection from contamination and evaporation there is a need for a fully waterproof cover. The most recommended option is a galvanised steel roof, one of our most robust covering systems. It also protects against all weather conditions. For some projects we have equipped tanks with another type of fully closed cover; an FPP anti algae cover.

Advantages of NPI water tanks

• High quality and durable water storage systems
• Wide range of capacities and diameters
• Personal online portal access
• Fast production times
• Logistic services
• Training / supervision where needed
• Marketing and materials support

Want to know more about the possibilities in storing feed water? Contact us now!